Introducing The Weekly Murphy and McNeil Seller Drawing!

Introducing The Weekly Murphy and McNeil Seller Drawing!

We believe Murphy and McNeil is your best option for not only buying hard-to-find shaving deals at great prices, we also believe we're the best way to help you make room in the shave den and put a little extra cash in your pocket.

We're building a community of trustworthy enthusiast shavers looking to make the most their dollar, while ensuring awesome artisan products land in new homes with enthusiasts who are thrilled to have them.


See below:  Introducing our New Weekly Seller Drawing for free Murphy and McNeil Products!!

Help us get the word out about the Murphy and McNeil Marketplace!


Why buy and sell on the Murphy and McNeil Marketplace?

  • We're a site dedicated to shaving and grooming with thousands of regular visitors looking for JUST the types of products you want to sell.
  • We work closely with our sellers to ensure they provide great, trusting transactions between our customers and the seller to continually build an environment of trust and fun (and we boot sellers who don't).
  • There are NO signup or listing fees like you'll find on the "big" marketplace sites.  We only collect a small fee if and when your item sells, and we ensure our fees are lower than all the big guys too.
  • Honestly, it's easier here than the selling forums.  Set your listings and let them ride!  No need to worry about getting buried other under listings, needing to re-post.  You'll also find less haggling and discourse that can sometimes make forum selling... well... frustrating at times!
  • A portion of every sale you make will also go to charity!  (This comes out of our piece too.)
  • Our platform is easy to use, and will keep evolving and improving as the community grows!
  • Our site is open to both enthusiasts who have lots of products they want to unload, or artisans who just want an inexpensive way to get their products in front of more shavers.

Introducing a new benefit for our sellers!

  • Until further notice, we will be running a weekly seller drawing to give free Murphy and McNeil gear.
  • How to get a piece of the action:
    • Sign up to sell with us by visiting, please be sure to read all the information on the seller page.  It's important!  (If you're already signed up, great!)
    • List your products to sell.
    • EVERY product you sell and ship (regardless of price) will equal ONE entry into the drawing.
    • REFERRAL BONUS:  If a new seller tells us that they were encouraged to join our marketplace to sell, you each get FIVE (5) bonus entries for the drawing period!  (Note, the new seller must have signed up and listed at least 2 products or one product with a value of more than $50)
    • We will run the drawing and share results!   Simple!
    • Starting SUNDAY January 18, we will have a weekly drawing for the prior week ending Saturday at Midnight.

Tips to Win!  Some ways to boost your chances of winning free M&M Products.

  • Go for assortment!  Sure it's easy to sell "lots" of products, and that's totally fine, but selling 3 separate soaps will be more entries versus selling 1 lot of 3 soaps!
  • Refer Refer Refer!  Anyone you refer (who tells me you referred them) will get you (and them) FIVE bonus entries!  
  • Promote your Listings!   Every seller on our site automatically has a "storefront" created where people can visit all your products and contact you with questions.  Share that link to promote everything, or send out individual links to your products to get folks to your stuff!
  • Be a Cool Seller: We have great customers, and they deserve the best.  Sellers who respond quickly to questions, and ship orders quickly (within 24 hours) get the most attention... build yourself a group of folks who look forward to your next product "drop".


We hope to see you selling with us soon!





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