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2 X 6 PREMIUM Razor Hone ULTRA FINE - by Imperia La Roccia

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Seller: Imperia La Roccia
Condition: New
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Product Details
It's the same stone you've heard so much about. Formerly identified as 12-15k. However, we realize that it's impossible to assign a grit rating to a natural stone. So, we've decided to conform to the accepted way of identifying our hones. All of our natural hones will be marked by either "FINE" or "ULTRA FINE".
After numerous requests for a premium in a smaller size, we’ve finally decided to add it. Our compact 6"x 2"x 7/8" hone is great for either those already familiar with honing on smaller sized stones or those not wanting to spend as much money.
What sets our "PREMIUM" hones apart from our "STANDARD" hones":
If you're familiar with the differences between Thuringian hones and Escher hones, then, this will make sense.
All Escher hones are Thuringian. However, not all Thuringians are Eschers. Escher picked out the very best Thuringian slate and made it into hones. We have basically done the same with our premium hones. We receive bulk shipments of slate and test each slab to insure it's suitable for honing razors. Once we've determined that it's good and we've cut it into hones, we grade it. Some of the cut hones may still have inclusions or there's too much difference in aggregate size. Those get thrown away. Most will have slight layering; and those end up being our standard hones. A small percentage out of every slab will be pristine. Those end up as premium hones.
Our standard hones have their edges beveled (with greater attention given to the honing side) and finished to 400 grit.
Our premium hones also have their edges beveled (again, greater attention to the honing side) and hand-finished to 1000 grit. The hone is then individually razor-tested. Meaning, we actually place blade to hone and test it. The accompanying slurry stone also has its edges beveled. Premium hones are much more labor intensive to produce. Thus, the higher price.
Comes in a handsome wood gift/storage box.
PREMIUM hones are shipped via USPS Medium Flat Rate box.
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Sold and Shipped By: Imperia La Roccia

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