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Fire in the Hole Handmade Campfire Soap

Quantity: 1 Bar
Sale price$8.50 USD


Seller: Outlaw
Condition: New

"This is the best soap I've ever used in my life." - Isaac, Shower Enthusiast

Leave your humdrum, ho-hum, boring ol' shower experience in a smoking rubble, and emerge from your bathroom with the unmistakable scent of the best days of your life.

You've just come back from a weekend trip with your friends. The scent of campfire's still on your clothes - a rich, deep, smoky, cedar scent. It was fun - a little target practice (following range safety, of course), a little whiskey (after the target practice, naturally), and a whole lot of good times.

You feel your best out there. Something about the sunshine, good company, and fresh air brings your mind to a clarity you wish you could summon every morning... which is where Outlaw's Fire in the Hole Soap comes in!

What's so special about Outlaw scents? Outlaw's soaps are designed to help you recall your favorite memories, which can create profound emotional and psychological benefits first thing in the morning.

You may find yourself wondering:

  • What does it smell like?
    This soap is inspired by the rowdy and enthusiastic scents of campfire, gunpowder, sagebrush, and whiskey — because that's basically the scent soundtrack to your life, right?
  • How is this soap made differently from other soaps?
    Not only are Outlaw's handcrafted, cold-process soaps made with natural, sustainable ingredients, we've invented our coloring and swirling techniques so it's functional and beautiful. The soap looks like fire and smells like your favorite weekend adventures... how could you go wrong?
  • What about sustainability? What about packaging?
    It's packaged in a durable, reusable, recyclable kraft chipboard box with all the character you'd expect from your favorite Outlaws.
  • Are you good people? Are your products cruelty-free?
    Kindness first! We're ethical employers, ensuring a good work environment for our Outlaw team. We believe in hiring good people to do good work for good people (that's you). We're all in this together.
    AND we're kind to animals. Our products are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny (they research our own production practices and the production practices of our vendors).
    Basically, buying from Outlaw means you're a good person. There, I said it.
  • Is it amazing?
    YES!!! It’s an explosively awesome scent that brings boldness and revelry to your shower celebration! It's the best bar of soap you've used or we'll make it right.

Additional product features:

  • Feels like you’re camping (without the nighttime wombat attacks).
  • Smells like you've been bathing in the awesomeness of a bonfire (without the third-degree burns on your privates).
  • Made with love and laughter (and all-vegan oils).

One of our most treasured scents, this mixture of campfire, whiskey, and the good ol’ outdoors will set your mornings ablaze, giving you that fiery kick we all need to send us booming throughout our days. This scent is truly a celebration of our favorite camping trips and our most wild adventures.

So, imbibe freely, my friend, light some fireworks, and dare to cleanse that burning spirit with Outlaw's Fire in the Hole Campfire Soap.

4ish oz of this cold process, natural, handmade soap lasts a few weeks (depending on your body hair).

Embrace your inner badass and break all records of shower-based awesomeness for a mere $0.47/day, or just 0.0002380952381% of the cost of a single thoroughbred horse. (it practically pays you to use it!)

All of our soaps are handmade and, as a result, may have some minor cosmetic and weight differences.


Sold and Shipped By: Outlaw

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