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1922 Gillette Big Fellow Double Edge Safety Razor Set Rhodium Revamp

Sale price$339.00 USD


Seller: John Cottingham
Condition: Used

I purchased this directly from the Razor Emporium. It is unused since being revamped with rhodium. From their website,

"Available is a much sought after Gillette razor set that we highly recommend, the Big Fellow! This is the New Improved razor head, perfect for a classic Gillette smooth shave. The original silver plating was aged and has been removed. The brass has been resurfaced into a mirror finish, and then re-plated in ultra bright, super hard, Rhodium! It is in great shape, teeth straight and ready to shave! The gumwood case is a unique time in the Gillette history. Most Gillette cases were metal and leather, the color and natural beauty cannot be understated.

These razors are very hefty, long and classic shavers, advertised at the time for "Big Strong Men", the hard workers at the time. I don't think anything has changed, these handles are perfect for men with big hands! They are very popular amongst the wet-shaving crowd and are re-known for their terrific shaving performance. Don't let this Big Fellow Set pass you by!


Sold and Shipped By: John Cottingham

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