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Lupo DC (Dual Comb) Stainless Steel Safety Razor with HD Handle - by Razorock (Pre-Owned)

Sale price$59.99 USD


Seller: Murphy & McNeil Pre-Owned Shaving
Condition: Used

Pre-Owned in excellent condition (see photos)

  • Lupo DC - a 0.72/0.95 dual-comb version which offers a medium-aggressive open comb side and a more aggressive safety bar side.
  • HD Handle, 13 mm x 82 mm (14 mm Butt End), ~2.6 oz weight
  • Blade Gap: 0.95 mm on Safety Bar Side and 0.72 on Open Comb Side
  • Blade Exposure: Positive
  • Material: 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Build: Fully CNC machined


Sold and Shipped By: Murphy & McNeil Pre-Owned Shaving

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