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Vintage Ever-Ready 300 22mm Shave Brush

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Seller: Talent Soap Factory
Condition: Used

Vintage Ever-Ready 300 22mm Shave Brush
handle has been carefully de-knotted, cleaned and fitted with a new 22mm synthetic knot
**full disclosure, this is a Franken-Brush if you will.  i had two brushes in my junk bin that were un-restored and basically for parts**
i was able to combine the best parts of each Ever-Ready brush (the base and upper actually are threaded and screw together).  both brushes were from the 1940s.  the end result is a very nice homage to the EV200s of the day.  this brush has a red swirl Catalin base and piano black ferrule.  there is some age related wear throughout, to include 1 scuff mark at 1 o'clock on the front.  handle is resin filled and fitted with super dense synthetic set at 50mm (this makes a relatively bigger brush good for face lathering.)
total height 104mm
handle 54mm
loft 50mm
knot 22mm


Sold and Shipped By: Talent Soap Factory

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