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Grooming Lounge Oil & Cream Shaving Cocktail Set (Save $7)

Sale price$42.00 USD


Seller: Grooming Lounge
Condition: New

Dynamic duo of our Beard Master Shave Oil and Beard Destroyer Shave Cream provides the essential elements to get any face ready for a great shaving experience. The oil softens the beard and whiskers, while the cream puts those whiskers at attention and ready to be shaved off. And, buying both award-winning products as a set shaves you $7. Your beard will thank you.

Grooming Lounge Beard Master Shave Oil

Revolutionary shaving solution provides superior razor glide while helping to eliminate razor burn and rashes. Developed in our Barbershop, see-through oil is loaded with botanicals that help men master their beards. Can be used solo or mixed with Beard Destroyer Shave Cream. Guaranteed to improve any morning shave. A rare shaving oil that doesn't leave faces feeling "oily." Paraben-Free.

Grooming Lounge Beard Destroyer Shave Cream

A departure from traditional shaving creams, Beard Destroyer is a rich, ultra-lubricating shaving cream formula that enables a smooth shave every time. Developed in our Barbershop, low-foaming solution is perfect for all beard types, but is especially adept at protecting those prone to razor irritation and nicks. Destroys your beard, pampers your face. Named "Best Shave Cream" by New York Magazine. 100% guaranteed to exceed expectations.



Sold and Shipped By: Grooming Lounge

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