Like our products, and our origin, the mission of Murphy and McNeil is a simple one:

Little Luxuries.

There are things we do every day, that if you upgrade just a little, make you appreciate life more.  Examples include dishing out to buy an awesome pillow, or high thread-count sheets.  Splurging on a great meal or a comfortable pair of shoes are things can make a meaningful difference in the quality of your days.

We believe shaving and grooming should be added as one of these lost arts, that many don’t even realize can be better.   Much better.  So many individuals shower and shave every day, with no understanding of just how much more it can be.    

We have allowed daily rituals like eating, sleeping, and grooming... to become commodities. This means we come to value convenience and price more than experience.  We deserve better.

Shaving daily for 40 years is nearly 15,000 shaves... why wouldn’t you want it to be great instead of cheap and forgettable?  Why shouldn’t it be something you look forward to, instead of being a daily task to simply cross off the list?

Murphy and McNeil exists to help fellow shaving enthusiasts, from newcomers to the experienced, to be able to experience all there is to gain from the luxuries provided by traditional shaving and better quality grooming products.

We want to create a great place where you can find new, used, and unique artisan shaving products created by the crafters and fans who have kept traditional shaving alive as the vibrant community is is today, and who want to share it with others.  We want to provide a platform to make and sell our own great products, and also to create a convenient place for other small artisans to share their work and passions.

We encourage everyone to slow down a little, and enjoy these experiences that are available to all of us.  Every new person we teach to upgrade their daily shave or shower into a little luxury is a win... and it's why we're here.

We appreciate you stopping by, and we encourage you to reach out to us with your feedback.  We will be ever evolving around the needs of our community, and we want to hear from you!

Thank you for being here.


Murphy and McNeil LLC | Traditional Shaving Marketplace

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