We aim to provide a place where shavers of all types, from newcomers, enthusiasts, to vendors can by, sell, and trade for the great artisan products they want.

  • We are recruiting artisans and enthusiasts w/large collections to sell with us!
  • Please reach out to if you'd like to sell your product or collection with us.
We appreciate the interest!  Please see below for more info.



We Offer THREE Ways For You to Sell with Murphy and McNeil

1) Sell to Us  2) Sell with Us  3) Sell on ShaveExchange

 Option 1: Den cleaning?  Sell your used or artisan gear directly to us!

  • If you are an artisan making your own products, or refurbishing collectible items, or simply looking for another avenue to sell your products...
  • If you are an enthusiast looking to make room in the shave den...
  • If you want to same time and effort by unloading many products by selling direct to us... this could be your solution!
  • Note: All quotes are custom and we have to keep the right to refuse any products, but we'll do our best!  Also note that pricing has to be based on covering our costs including fees, shipping, and things of that nature.
  • Trades also accepted for other items on our store, and we can usually offer a better value than PayPal.

BENEFITS of selling to us:

    • Quick quote and turnaround times
    • Quick/convenient payment 
    • We recommend selling to us if you'd like to sell your products quickly /conveniently and are ok with receiving somewhat less than you would by selling directly to another enthusiast.


     Option 2: Sign up a vendor to sell on our site!

    • Concierge Style:  Send us your products or images of your products, and we will take photos, list for you, and ensure a steady stream of traffic.  Great for artisans who want to spend more time on the craft and less on the selling part!  We can pick/pack/ship for you, or we can design a custom program to fit your needs! 
    • Do-It-Yourself:  We will provide instructions for you to sign up and list your products on our website.  We will notify you of orders, and you will pick/pack/ship yourself!

    BENEFITS of being a seller/vendor on our site:

    • Easy to use interface and full support from us.
    • NO fees to list your products, you pay a 10% commission only when the item sells!
    • Quick payment via PayPal

    The form to sign up as a seller can be found HERE


     Option 3: The Shave Exchange

    • The Shave Exchange is a FREE online marketplace operated by Murphy and McNeil.
    • It costs nothing to list your products, and you pay no fees when your items sells.  The only fees are PayPal should you offer PayPal as an option.
    • This is an excellent way to gain exposure for your products from a HIGHLY shaving focused audience, and traffic will only improve as the assortment grows.
    BENEFITS of selling on Shave Exchange
    • Easy to use interface and NO incremental transaction fees.
    • NO fees to list and sell your products (though tips to M&M are appreciated!)
    • You manage the entire experience and relationship with your sellers.
    • Visit to see more!