Murphy and McNeil is proud to support a number of causes by sharing a portion of the proceeds of our sales. 
Please read below to learn more, and we encourage you to consider finding your own way to support these great causes, should you feel led to do so.

Marketplace contributions are from a portion of all sales being donated to various charitable organizations.  Thank you to our wonderful marketplace sellers, vendors, and customers for trusting us with their products!
Special contributions are donations facilitated through the sale of specific products or events not listed above

Supporting those with Autism and their families
  • Contribution-to-date: $1683.70
  • Specific Causes Supported
    • Autism Care Today (ACT!) through sales of of our "Eisteacht" line and other products.
In 2018 the CDC estimates that 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As a spectrum, individuals diagnosed with ASD can have a range of difficulties, from hypersensitivity to sounds or smell that can make life in public challenging, to self-injuring behavior or seizures.

Autism typically appears within the first three years of life, and early diagnosis and intervention through therapy such as ABA (applied behavioral analysis) are one of the most proven ways to help prepare children and their families for life with Autism. Not a cure, but specialized learning to improve communication, development, coping, and social interactions.

As a parent, one of the greatest challenges is access to care. Often the most effective therapies are expensive, with limited coverage by insurance. There is no harder scenario as a parent than to know resources exist to help your child's quality of life but to not be able to afford them.
Supporting our First Responders
Police and first responders are some of the most courageous people in this world. They are trained and called upon to run towards the danger, when many of us would be running the other way (to safety). They routinely put the safety of others, order, and peace above themselves, their families and sometimes their own beliefs. Murphy and McNeil believes in supporting first responders and the 'thin blue line' they guard daily that protects those things we take for granted.
Supporting our Veterans and Military
  • Contribution-to-date: $524.00
  • Specific Causes Supported:
    • The Wounded Warrior Project through sales of our "Gael Laoch" shaving products and in collaboration with @johp3r and @xicano_design.

Our military and their families give an incredible amount to our country.  None more those who are wounded in service.  Our soldiers and their families must not only adapt to a life where a parent or child could be gone for months at a time, but those who are wounded must come home and learn to adapt to learn to live with their injuries.  We believe it is a responsibility to be supportive to those people who have chosen a life that is dedicated to the service of our country and its citizens.


Supporting Victims of Violence and their Families

  • Contribution-to-date: $1224.80
  • Proceeds are generated through the sale of our "These Truths" limited releases in which 90% of the selling price is donated in response to violent acts and in support of the victims.
  • Specific Causes Supported:
    • The El Paso Community Foundation, and the Dayton Foundation in support victims of the shooting in El Paso, TX in August on 2019.


Supporting Nature & Conservancy

  • Contribution-to-date: $694.42
  • Proceeds are generated through the sale of our "Nantahala" limited release. 
  • Specific Causes Supported:
    • The Nature Conservancy at

We encourage you to look at this group and find ways to get involved within your own communities.