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Hammer Safety Razor (Dual Open & Closed Comb Plates) - by Pearl Shaving

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Seller: Murphy and McNeil Store
Condition: New



Men now, more than ever, are striving to look their best and Pearl Shaving has answered that call with the all-new Hammer Safety Razor! Made from 100% brass and crafted through the CNC process, this triple-plated beauty is easy to maintain and provides an exceptional quality, irritation-free shave. A perfect balance and grip make it ideal for both beginners and regular users alike. The handle is composed of brass metal for a traditional look and superior durability. Get the shave you deserve with the Pearl Hammer!

Product Details: Color: Silver matt; Height: 11.5cm; Weight: 135gm; head type: Close comb + open comb base plate

Made in India

Razor details:

  • Razor handle material: Brass metal
  • Razor color: Silver matt
  • Razor handle material: Brass metal
  • Razor total height: (with head) 11.5cm*
  • Razor handle height : (without head) 9.5cm
  • Razor handle weight: (without head) 83.35gm*
  • Razor head material: Brass metal
  • Razor head type: Close comb + open comb
  • Razor Close comb Head Weight: 51.50 gm*
  • Razor open comb Head Weight: 50.75 gm*
  • Razor Head no blade overhang
  • Razor blade Gap: 0.745 to 80 mm
  • Razor total weight: (with box)0.290gm*
  • Razor total weight: (without box)0.135gm*

Package Includes:

  • 1 Piece Hammer Safety Razor
  • 1 piece open comb base plate
  • 5 Piece washer
  • 1Piece user guide.
  • 10 pcs Premium blade.
  • 1Piece microfiber cloth


    Sold and Shipped By: Murphy and McNeil Store

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