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K2 Dual Handle Safety Razor - by Pearl Shaving

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Seller: Murphy and McNeil Store
Condition: New

The Pearl K2 Dual Handle Razor

  1. 3-piece Head Design:

The razor comes with a three-piece design to disassemble into three separate pieces for easy cleaning and precise blade alignment. The design of 3-piece design is for optimum ease while cleaning & setting the blade.

  1. With protected sides for extra safeguarding:

The razor comes with a protected side for maximum safety while shaving in order to not to get any cuts. The inserted safeguard makes the shave extreme safe that one is fully protected from getting acne marks or nicks.

  1. Concentrated Blade exposure for a Sleek and Gentle shave:

So there’s something that’s right for everyone. The carefully examined & concentrated blade exposure makes this shaver ideal from beginner to experienced ones. The assiduous blade exposure is perfect to give you the most sleek & gentle shave ever.

  1. Dense Head:

The dense head of this razor is what makes it most unique & efficient. The Opaque head makes its life longer if properly taken care of.  The proper care can make it last for years because of its high density.  The combination of perfect alignment & head density makes it the perfect razor to give you the most effortless shave ever.

  1. Blade Chatter Free:

This razor is perfectly examined for its blade exposure & alignment. Being very conscious about the blade settings, it is completely chatter free to be free from all the rattle sounds & possess great protection towards the skin.

  1. Suitable for every wet shaver

The dense head, Great quality & the thoroughly examined shaver must be suitable for all the wet shavers out there because of the gentle shave that it can provide.  The qualities that it possesses, It s but obvious that it’s suitable for all the skin types as well as all the wet shavers!

  1. Long and short Twin handles for the best possible grip with typographic logo:

The most attractive quality about the razor is that it comes with two twin handles!! Yes, you heard it right. It comes with One long & One short handle for those who like to have the handle longer to have the enough distance from the skin to for those who like to keep it as close as they want to! The chick design of the handle with a typographic logo will leave you with immense joy for sure!

Product Details: Color: chrome & silver matt; Height: 11.5cm; Weight: 126gm; head type: close comb (Zinc alloy)

Package Includes: 1 piece Safety Razor,1Pieceshort handle, 1 piece Microfiber Cloths& 10Piece Premium Blades; Made in India

Razor details:

Razor color: Premium chrome & silver matt
Razor handle material: Brass metal
Razor total height: (with head) 11.5cm*
Razor short handle height : (without head) 7.5cm
Razor short handle weight: (without head) 0.040 gm*
Razor long handle height : (without head) 10 cm
Razor long handle weight: (without head) 0.050 gm*
Razor head material: Zinc alloy
Razor head type: Close comb (Zinc alloy)
Razor Head Weight: 0.036 gm*
Razor Head Width: 5cm (no blade overhang)
Razor total weight: (with box)0.250gm*
Razor total weight: (without box)0.126gm*

Package Includes:

1Piece long handle
1Piece short handle
1 piece close comb head
1Piece user guide.
10 pcs Premium blade.
1Piece microfiber cloth


Sold and Shipped By: Murphy and McNeil Store

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