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Soothing Body Lotion - Tea Tree Mint

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Seller: Artius Man
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An attractive man has moisturized and smooth skin. Gone are the days of having rough, patchy skin, and in are the days of having tight, even-toned skin.

With Artius Man Body Lotion for men, you’re going to be giving your skin exactly what it needs for a daily healthy look.

Blended into each bottle of our body lotion for men is an army of potent ingredients that are designed to help relieve irritation, bring back a healthy glow, and help you look your best.

Safflower Oil: An anti-inflammatory that helps ward off acne and blemishes
Shea Butter: Helps fight numerous skin problems including blemishes, wrinkles, itching

Grape Seed: Helps tighten, moisturize, fight skin aging and unclog pores

Green Tea: Helps moisturize the skin and contains anti-oxidant properties

Jojoba: Helps deeply moisturize the skin smooth, even skin

Avacado: Contains proteins and unsaturated fats that are perfect to help deeply moisturize even the roughest-toughest manly skin

Vitamin E: Helps heal the skin and keep free radicals off the skin

Vitamin C: Helps boost collagen in the skin which firms the skin. This vitamin is also vital for helping to reduce age spots caused by aging and the sun

Vitamin B-5: A powerful hydrator that moisturizes the skin by pulling and absorbing from the surrounding environment

Our men’s Tea Tree Mint body lotion is power-packed with all of the ingredients above and backed 100% by our Gentleman’s Agreement.

It’s time to look and feel your best. Go add a bottle of Artius Man Tea Tree Mint Body Lotion for men to your cart and give your skin a daily dose of the nutrients it wants!


Sold and Shipped By: Artius Man

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