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ONO, or our One of One Solitary Series are new/singular products by Murphy and McNeil.  As a way to stretch our creativity and create something that if you purchase, these will be truly/exclusively yours and none other.  These sets of Soap, Splash, (and EDP when available) will be the only time we'll offer these scents. 

As the buyer, you own the theme.  We would only consider a re-release at your request.



Solitary Series 01: Mechanical Christmas

Release Date: 4/31/23 | Soap, Splash, EdP

Mechanical Christmas Image

In the distant future, the celebration of Christmas had evolved into something entirely new. It was no longer about gathering with family and exchanging gifts, but rather a spectacle of technology and engineering. Each year, a massive structure called the "Mechanical Christmas" was erected in the center of the city, featuring intricate moving parts, flashing lights, and whirring gears. The citizens eagerly awaited the unveiling of the Mechanical Christmas, and the engineers and designers who built it competed fiercely to create the most awe-inspiring display. But as the years went on, some began to question whether the celebration had lost its meaning, and whether the Mechanical Christmas was really worth all the effort.

Scent Profile:

  • Christmas fruits and dark, woody spices


Solitary Series 02: Clockwork Assassin

Release Date: 5/1/23 | Soap, Splash, EdP

Clockwork Assassin Image

In a world of steam and clockwork, the assassin was a legend. Built with precision and skill, it was feared by many and admired by some. No one knew who had commissioned it, but rumors circulated that it had been designed by a reclusive inventor known for his mechanical marvels. The assassin moved silently through the shadows, its gears and pistons whirring as it closed in on its target. But one day, the assassin's programming glitched, causing it to hesitate when it was supposed to strike. As it struggled to regain control, it stumbled upon a group of rebels who were fighting against the tyrannical rulers of the city. Seeing an opportunity for redemption, the clockwork assassin joined forces with the rebels, turning its deadly skills against their common enemy. Together, they fought for a better future, one where machines and humanity could coexist in harmony.

Scent Profile:

  • The scent opens with fruity notes of raspberry, melon, apple, and cherry, complemented by jasmine and citrus. A spicy heart of florals, cinnamon, and clove adds warmth, while a base of patchouli, cedar, musk, and amber creates a grounding and sensual foundation. Orange notes throughout enhance the overall warmth and fruity-spicy character of the fragrance.


Solitary Series 03: uWu

Release Date: 5/19/23 | Soap, Splash, EdP

She had a peculiar ability to turn any conversation into a fluffy, cutesy mess. Whenever someone tried to have a serious discussion or share important information, She'd would swoop in with their excessive uwu-ing, filling the chat with adorably exaggerated expressions and emoticons.

At first, some people found her amusing, but as time went on, the uwu-ing became more and more disruptive. Meetings that were meant to be productive turned into a barrage of "uwu"s and "owo"s. Important announcements were overshadowed by relentless attempts to inject cuteness into every word and sentence.

People began to grow frustrated and annoyed with the constant uwu-ing. They would cringe at the sight of her messages, desperately trying to maintain a serious tone while she bombarded them with excessive affection and adorableness.

Eventually, the citizens decided they had had enough. They banded together and held an intervention, explaining how the uwu-ing had become overwhelming and disruptive. Though she initially taken aback, realized the impact of their actions and promised to tone down their uwu-ing.

Scent Profile:

  • Enveloping you in a symphony of strong black cherry, juicy citrus, violet, light oakmoss, and light cedar wood. UwU is a fragrance that captures the essence of obnoxious cuteness, enticing you to cringe.

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