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Enthusiast shaving and grooming is a robust and growing community.  This page is dedicated to providing you with recommendations for services that can help make the most of your shaving journey, whether you'd like an heirloom brush restored & re-knotted, or a straight razor honed to perfection.

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This is an artisan/vendor who also sells in the Murphy and McNeil Store

Straight Razor Honing

  • Strike Gold Shave
  • Legacy Razor
  • N=GM² Shaving Solutions
  • Sean Kehoe Honing (JNAT specialist)

Brush Knotting Service

  • Strike Gold Shave

Custom Brush Makers

  • SmilezforMilez

Razor Restoration

  • Razor Emporium
  • Legacy Razor
  • Pelagic Shave

Brush Restoration

  • Pelagic Shave
  • Legacy Razor

Custom Cases/Dopps/Leather

  • Imperia la Roccia
  • Pelagic Shave
  • Deacon Leather

Popular FAQ & Info

  • Brush Knots Explained
  • Honing Straight Razors

Vintage Collector Resources

  • Gillette Date Codes
  • Gillette Antique Examples