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3" X 8" STANDARD ILR Razor Hone ULTRA FINE - by Imperia La Roccia

Sale price$99.95 USD


Seller: Imperia La Roccia
Condition: New
Remaining: Does Not Apply

Product Details
It's the same stone you've heard so much about. Formerly identified as 12-15k. However, we realize that it's impossible to assign a grit rating to a natural stone. So, we've decided to conform to the accepted way of identifying our hones. All of our natural hones will be marked by either "FINE" or "ULTRA FINE".
Our 8x3 standard 12-15k hone is truly a one size fits all. It can handle any size blade with ease. Large size gives you LOTS of “real estate” to make quick work of finishing out your razor to perfection. It will easily become your preferred finisher. Ships in cardboard storage box.


Sold and Shipped By: Imperia La Roccia

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