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Back Scrubber Belt

Sale price$15.65 USD


Seller: Shave Essentials
Condition: New

Inspired by natural self-hygiene, the Back Scrubber Belt guarantees the most relaxing and gentle exfoliation of your skin without nasty irritation, so it's perfect for all skin types. The natural linen fibers help eradicate dead skin cells to reveal the smooth,youthful skin beneath.

Don't strain yourself when trying to reach your back - the belt design of this Eco-friendly scrubber features handles at each side so you can reach every part of your body with ease!

High-quality natural linen fibers

● Gentle exfoliation for all skin types

● Eco-friendly (no plastic or silicone)

● Washable so you get more uses



Sold and Shipped By: Shave Essentials

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