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Black Label Cartridge Razor

Sale price$34.95 USD


Seller: Shave Essentials
Condition: New

Indulge in the luxury shaving experience with our Black Label Cartridge Razor handle. This premium handle is the epitome of classic style with its polished chrome and sleek black high gloss resin handle, perfectly complementing your shaving routine. Designed for your comfort, this handle is ergonomically crafted to fit comfortably in your palm, providing an enhanced and enjoyable shaving experience.


  • Chrome and black high gloss resin handle that exudes luxury

  • Weighted handle for a premium feel and better control during shaving

Upgrade your shaving routine with the Black Label Cartridge Razor handle today and experience the ultimate in shaving excellence.

The Black Label Cartridge Razor handle is designed to work with our Black label 5-Blade Cartridges and includes 1 in the package.


Sold and Shipped By: Shave Essentials

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