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FRANK SHAVING Men's Shaving Razor 5 BLADES Cartridge Compatible Handle in BLACK METAL Safety Razor For Men

Sale price$16.99 USD


Seller: Frank Shaving Handmade
Condition: New
Remaining: 100% - Product is New

  • Features 5 Blades for long-lasting comfort - The razor uses regular fusion blades which are easy to change and will give you many happy years of shaving
  • Polished, ridged and stylish handle. All chrome handle with diamond wood grain pattern. Etched handle for reduce slippage when razor is wet. Good Grip
  • Advanced skin guard helps stretch your skin & prepares your hair to be cut
  • One blade on the razor, we will give two more blades with razor. Less feel of irritation and incredible comfort.
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guaranteed! - We devote ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us and we will find a solution!


Sold and Shipped By: Frank Shaving Handmade

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