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Straight Razor - Gold Dollar 100 (Suehiro 10K Kouseki) Synthetic Edge

Sale price$34.99 USD


Seller: Steel 2 Stone
Condition: New

New Gold Dollar 100. Razor is 6/8 in size (spine to edge) round point with a full hollow grind. Pins are tight and razor centers nicely. 

Razor has been honed and finished on Suehiro 10K Kouseki. Finally stropped on Kanayama Cordovan. It took a very nice edge! Razor was test shaved assuring it has a sharp crisp smooth comfortable shaving edge. Razor has been fully disinfected with Clippercide so it’s ready to be used right out of the box. 

The blade will be coated in Japanese Camellia Oil protecting it during its travels so please be careful when taking it out. Simply wipe off the oil with any tissue, napkin, or cloth and you’re ready to go. 

***Please note stone is not included in the listing. Only shown for reference on which final finishing stone was used.


Sold and Shipped By: Steel 2 Stone

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