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Grooming Lounge It Takes Two To Make A Shave Go Right Set (Save $8)

Sale price$42.00 USD


Seller: Grooming Lounge
Condition: New

Essential  and amazing shaving duo teams together our Barber-Created Beard Destroyer Shave Cream & Best For Last Aftershave. The result is smoothness, less irritation and a shavings of $8.

Beard Destroyer Shaving Cream
A departure from traditional shaving creams, Beard Destroyer is a rich, ultra-lubricating shaving cream formula that enables a smooth shave every time. Developed in our Barbershop, low-foaming solution is perfect for all beard types, but is especially adept at protecting those prone to razor irritation and nicks. Destroys your beard, pampers your face. Named "Best Shave Cream" by New York Magazine. 100% guaranteed to exceed expectations.

Best For Last Aftershave
Every shave should have a happy ending. That's why we created this soothing aftershave designed to calm and refresh even the most-sensitive skin. Developed in our Barbershop, creamy solution is the antidote for annoying razor irritation, burn, bumps and more. Non-greasy and sting-free, Best For Last is the balm. 100% guaranteed to exceed expectations.


Sold and Shipped By: Grooming Lounge

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