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Huskarl Shaving Soap - by Fenomeno (Pre-Owned)

Sale price$17.99 USD


Seller: Murphy & McNeil Pre-Owned Shaving
Condition: Used

Used Product Remaining: +99%

Scent Profile: Revealing the classic perfume note of sandalwood in a new way: the sandalwood in it seems fresh, not creamy and warm. Bright top notes of rosemary, basil and sparkling splashes of sunny citrus are replaced by a wave of heart notes, enveloping with jasmine chords, then smoothly turning into spicy iridescences of oriental cloves with bitter herbaceous shades of juniper and coriander. The base of the fragrance seems to be created for the bold and masculine-woody shades in it are harmoniously complemented by masculine inclusions of vetiver, oak moss and delicate lavender. *


Sold and Shipped By: Murphy & McNeil Pre-Owned Shaving

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