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Indo Ink Aftershave Splash & Skin Food - by Ariana & Evans

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Seller: Murphy and McNeil Store
Condition: New

Inspired by my journey to Bali in 2019, this truly unique scent offers a hint of leather, ink & absinthe. But there is much more within this fragrance - a memory of an Indonesian tattoo parlor's intoxicating atmosphere. The old-world charm of worn leather chairs, the mysterious incense in the distant room, and the wall of periodicals & newly-published magazines establish a captivating experience. From this, I crafted the mysterious allure of Indo-Ink.

Notes: Mandarin, Ink, resins, absinthe, ylang ylang, coumarin, tonka, leather, incense, saffron, oud, tobacco, wormwood & sandalwood

Splash Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Vegetable Glycerin, SD 40B Alcohol, Rose Hydrosol, Calendula Extract , Red Clover Extract, Chamomile, Plantain Leaves, White Willow Bark, Vitamin E, Caprylic Triglycerides ( combination of plant sugars and fatty acids derived from palm and coconut oils for silkier feel and as a natural preservative).


Sold and Shipped By: Murphy and McNeil Store

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