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Ishtar Cologne - by Abbate Y La Mantia

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Seller: Murphy and McNeil Store
Condition: New

TOP NOTES: Oregano and Bitter Orange

MIDDLE NOTES: Pine, Calamus, Jasmine and Rose

BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Labdanum and Vetiver

Since it’s an OUD its maximum is released at a high percentage: 12% of fragrance as if it were an eau de toilette

The traditional perfume is the scented water that doesn’t need to be used as a fragrance trail but as an end of treatment on the body, hair or clothes.

All this is possible thanks to ultra gentle vegetable alcohol, the hypoallergenic fragrance and the 200ml.

Not a spray but with a dispenser to use it as a real splash.

The entrance to an abbey passing through the medicinal garden.

Top notes (the most immediate and volatile ones): the hesperidate of the Iberian Peninsula. A half western, half eastern orange. Bitter but tremendously fragrant. We pounded it into a container full of fresh oregano. The result is a coniferous forest full of golden fruits.

Middle notes (slower, but they last longer): Swamp water up to the knees. Carrying a flowery scent and hands full of resin.

Base notes (those who support and connect all the others): All that’s left after a few hours are the three pillars of men’s perfumery. Patchouli for green, Labdanum for amber and earthy oriental Vetiver.

Amber glass bottle to protect every note of the fragrance.
Embossed “Cathedral vetrage” label

Capacity: 200ml/6,76 fl. oz

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol*, Parfum**.
*non-ethyl, but derived from wheat fermentation


Sold and Shipped By: Murphy and McNeil Store

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