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London Gin Club Shaving Soap (Goat Milk) and Splash - by Ariana & Evans (Pre-Owned)

Sale price$28.99 USD


Seller: Remembering Matt (120inna55)
Condition: Used

This item is from the collection of Matt Hilton (120inna55).  You can read more about Matt HERE. 

Please consider a small donation to Matt's family if purchasing direct from M&M.

Used Remaining: 80%
Read Matt's Review or Photos: HERE
Scent Profile (by Matt) when available:
London Gin Club is a fresh, sparkling soap and splash from Ariana & Evans. It's probably considered to be more of a warm weather fragrance, but this is quite versatile. The convincing dry gin note is refreshing and clean. The fragrance causes me to anticipate an iciness, but it's devoid of any real cooling additive. Those familiar with dry gin will acknowledge the spirit by itself isn't particularly boozy, but rather medicinal whose character is defined by the garnish. In this case, lime is that accent. In fact, lime is the first note I detect, yet this is not particularly a citrus-forward fragrance. Backing up this beautifully crisp lime and gin accord is a shrewd black pepper and subdued leather.


Sold and Shipped By: Remembering Matt (120inna55)

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