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Outlaw's Solid Cologne Samples

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How many?: 6-Pack: All Outlaw Solid Cologne Samples
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Seller: Outlaw
Condition: New

"Not only did I find a scent I LOVED, but I get to try out different ones when I'm feeling in a different mood. I've even given some to friends so they can fall in love with their own." - Erin, A Most Considerate Friend

Wondering which of our scents will work best for you? Do yourself a solid with this sample set of solid cologne!

With these solid cologne samples, you'll find your perfect match! Is it...

... Blazing Saddles, the Scent of the American West?
... The explosively awesome Fire in the Hole Campfire Cologne?
... The smoky, rich bourbon scent of The Gambler?
... Or perhaps, the sweet, spicy smell of Calamity Jane?
... Home on the Range, the smell of peace, sun-dried laundry, blackberries, and fresh-cut grass?
... The Badlands, the smoky, cedar scent of a campfire at dusk.

Plus, if you're giving these as a gift, you can score 'em for free... with the purchase of a gift card. That way, you can give them a set to try, and they'll have the money to buy the full size of their favorite!

Each sample is a 0.25 oz shot. It's the perfect amount to figure out your perfect scent!


Sold and Shipped By: Outlaw

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