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Santa Monica Bay Rum - Aftershave Splash

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A bracing aftershave splash with just a touch of menthol that is perfect for all occasions.

Named after the Santa Monica Bay, the heart of Los Angeles' idyllic beaches, this fragrance captures the spirit of carefree, sun-soaked days by the sea.

At the core of Santa Monica Bay Rum is the essence of Pimenta Racimosa, or West Indies Bay. This key ingredient sets the stage with its rich, spicy, and slightly sweet scent, evoking the iconic aroma of traditional bay rum.

The journey continues with a hearty splash of dark rum, lending an air of warmth and complexity to the fragrance. This touch of the Caribbean is then masterfully balanced with a variety of citrus and woody extracts, along with essential oils that bring a light and refreshing twist to the scent profile.

Notes of Vanilla and Orange Extracts add a layer of sweet, citrusy depth to the composition, while Balsam Tolu Essential Oil introduces a warm, slightly spicy undertone. The inclusion of Clary Sage Essential Oil brings an herbaceous note, complementing the scent with its clear, calming aroma.

The experience is further enhanced with a hint of Opopanax or Sweet Myrrh Essential Oil. This exotic ingredient, with its warm, balsamic scent, adds a soothing richness. This is further augmented by the tangy freshness of Lemon Extract, the sweet-spicy nuance of Anise Extract, and the woody depth of Ho Wood Essential Oil.

Santa Monica Bay Rum is more than just a fragrance; it's an olfactory voyage. Ideal for a day by the water, or when you find yourself yearning for the sea breeze and crashing waves, this scent is a radiant reminder of sunny days on deck or along the shoreline. Experience the refreshing, invigorating aura of Santa Monica Bay Rum in your next shave

100ml bottle.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Juice, Natural Oils and extracts, Calendula, Sodium Lactate, Menthol, Vitamin B5 Pro, Astaxanthin


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