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Seven Deadly Sins 7 Day Soap Set - by The Holy Black (Pre-Owned)

Sale price$119.99 USD


Seller: Murphy & McNeil Pre-Owned Shaving
Condition: Used

Pre-Owned Product Remaining: +95%. Comes in original wooden box. Soaps in ceramic jars.

Scent Profile - 

Aftershave Tonic:
apple, pomegranate, and other fruit notes

Shaving Soaps:
Greed- Frankincense & Myrrh
Lust- Ambretta Musk
Sloth- Vanilla bean, sugar, molasses
Wrath- Fire and brimstone
Pride- Narcissus
Gluttony- Dark Chocolate
Envy- Rose


Sold and Shipped By: Murphy & McNeil Pre-Owned Shaving

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