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Color: Black
Sale price$17.45 USD


Seller: Shave Essentials
Condition: New

Our Shaving Brush, which was carefully crafted, is intended to assist exfoliate your skin and lift your hairs, giving a comfortable and easy shaving experience each and every time. Our brush delivers a deep, thorough clean while being kind to your skin thanks to its premium, vegan nylon bristles.

Also, our shaving brush is made to last, in contrast to other brushes that degrade quickly. It will provide you the highest return on your investment if you take good care of it and it lasts for many years. So why would you accept anything less? Get our shaving brush right away to see the difference for yourself!

Care: Rinse your Shave Brush with warm water with each use.


Sold and Shipped By: Shave Essentials

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