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Shaving Brush and Bowl Set, Traditional Wet Shave, Care Package for Him, THICC BOI Ergonomic Design

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Knot Color: Black w/ White Tip
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Seller: KnotsAndFibers
Condition: New

Matching "THICC BOI" Shaving Brush and Lather Bowl Set, Handmade by Mike Navarre of KnotsAndFibers in Vancouver, WA, USA.


This Handmade Shaving Set is made from the highest Quality Professional Grade Urethane Resin and includes: 

     -1x Lather Bowl

     -1x "THICC BOI" Shave Brush Handle with 1 (24mm) Synthetic Badger Hair Knot available in one 

      of three color 

       styles to choose from (See images for color options).

     -1x Arko Shaving Soap Puck - Arko is among the most used Shave Soaps worldwide and 

       provides a rich, slick lather.

     -1x Draw String Gift/Storage/Travel Bag


Each item is hand cast and turned on a lathe to reveal the beautiful colorway made by the high quality pigments used. The Bowl and Handle are ergonomic in design and very comfortable to use. Lather Bowl features a handled base for good grip and has an extra wide and deep lather surface.  24mm Brushes are set with a medium backbone and allow for a sufficient splay. We employ a 12 step sanding operation followed by a 3 stage high polish buffing process to ensure a smooth, glass like finish. Urethane Resin is an extremely durable and unbreakable material that will last a life time. Synthetic Brush Knots are Cruelty Free & Vegan friendly and mounted with a Marine Grade Epoxy to ensure maximum hold and are completely mildew resistant. 


Product Dimensions:


Handle: 47mm Wide x 52.5mm Tall (without brush knot)

Brush Knot: Approximately 24mm x 68mm (unset)

Overall Height is approximately 105mm (4.1")


Lather Bowl: 76mm Tall (3") x 120mm (4.75")


Care and Handling:

-Prior to use, we highly recommend a thorough rinsing of the Brush Knot with warm water. Avoid extended hot water exposure for best results.

-Take proper care to rinse, clean & dry brush and bowl to avoid residue build up. Warm water is all that is needed. There are plenty of how to videos available online if needed.

-Avoid excessive wringing of the knot. 


Be sure to check out all of our Shave Brush and Lather Bowls on our site!


Sold and Shipped By: KnotsAndFibers

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