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Shaving Brush for Men, Extra Density Pure Badger Chrome Synthetic Best Brush with Classic Black Handle Knot 24mm Shaving Hair Salon Tool Gifts for Fathers Day

Sale price$16.99 USD


Seller: Frank Shaving Handmade
Condition: New
Remaining: 100% - Product is New

We are highly recommend this our best seller in the past 15 years. Frank shaving G1(generation 1st) synthetic hair material is from BASF and proccessed in our Japan's manufactory, the outstanding advantage of this hair is very soft tip and easy to lathe rich shaving foam with shaving soap or cream. Perfect backbone and effective elasticity hair in 24mm knot size is a perfect shaving experience while on the face or head shaving.so you can feel tip very soft and flexible, never prickly on face,We select this brush for promotional sales from now on, a lower price but it is very useful at this price.The best popular knot size 24mm knot is great deal for bowl or face lathering and makes a wonderful shaving lather; The brush is exclusive handmade by Frank Shaving who produces quality shaving brushes in China since 2000; High quality acrylic material can be made in different color is very easy to hold and use. Brand new and boxed Makes a wonderful shaving lather for an excellent shaving experience We will ship order by random handle, thanks! Care of Your Shaving Brush: 1. It should not be boiled. 2. Lather lightly without pressure. 3. After use - Rinse thoroughly and remove all excess moisture. 4. Leave in open air to dry out - Never enclose a damp brush.


Sold and Shipped By: Frank Shaving Handmade

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