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Shaving Soap

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Shaving Soap gives us one of the richest, high quality, full bodied lathers you'll ever experience. Our Premium shaving soap is something that really does have to be experienced to believe as words don't do justice. It starts with a warm shaving brush. After soaking the bristles in warm water, Just load some soap into the tips of the brush. This is where it gets interesting. Swirl the brush around in your shaving bowl until a warm dense, rich lather fills the bowl. It should only takes a few swirls for the lather to start. But the best part is yet to come. While applying the lather to your face you will enjoy the delicate yet masculine scent. think classic barbershop. A scent that's not too strong but will linger subtly for hours after you shave. The perfect wet shave experience doesn't stop there. Once applied your senses will be amazed how your razor glides without effort or friction across your face. You might find yourself asking "How can a shaving soap make shaving feel this good!" Believe us, a great shaving soap DOES make a difference.

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