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Sovereign Steel Straight Edge Razor - By Rex Supply Co.

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Seller: Murphy and McNeil Store
Condition: New

The Rex Supply Co. Sovereign Steel Straight Edge Razor 

Rex Supply Co. introduces “The Sovereign,” the artisan addition to their growing line of premium razors shaving accessories. This a modern, straight edge razor designed by the company’s widely acclaimed wet shaving enthusiasts. The Sovereign features quality materials in an homage to razors of a traditional German design. The results produce an exceptional shaving experience for veteran straight razor users or those looking to enter the fold. 

Rex Supply Co. razors have a reputation for superior quality and artisan craftsmanship that the Sovereign puts on full display. The 3” long, 7/8” width blade is formed of 01 carbon steel that maintains a sharp, lasting edge and a finely tuned balance that instantly translates into fine user control. The blade is a full hollow ground for maximum sharpness, comfort and performance, making it easy to guide through even the thickest hairs without tugging, pulling or chafing. 

The Sovereign is designed with a “barber’s notch” point to promote simple blade access. The spine is adorned with hand filed indentations that work with fine tooth jumps on the underside to provide excellent grip, even when wet. Every razor features a mark on the tang that identifies the company’s blade smith, who grinds each edge by hand in the company’s Phoenix, Arizona workshop. 

When not in use, the blade folds neatly into its protective scales. Those preferring a sleek, modern look will favor the carbon fiber/Kevlar® scale option, while those appreciating a more traditional appearance should prefer genuine rosewood. Both scale options come with a faux ivory recon-stone wedge to maintain proper spacing for the blade. 

The Sovereign is 100% “Made in the USA” and designed for a lifetime of use. This product also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Country of Manufacture: Made in Arizona / USA 
Inspired by mid century German straight razors 
O1 carbon tool steel
Barbers notch
Faux ivory recon-stone wedge
7/8” wide
Hand-Filed "Worked" Spine
Full Hollow Ground
Rose wood scales


Sold and Shipped By: Murphy and McNeil Store

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