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Specialist Soap and Splash - by Phoenix & Beau (Pre-Owned)

Sale price$34.99 USD


Seller: Remembering Matt (120inna55)
Condition: Used
Remaining: 90% or More

This item is from the collection of Matt Hilton (120inna55).  You can read more about Matt in the "About the Seller" section of this page. 

Please consider a small donation to Matt's family if purchasing direct from M&M.
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Scent Profile (by Matt when available):
Ah, Specialist. I've literally been waiting a year for this to come to fruition. Having been a fan of Phoenix & Beau's soaps for a while, now, Specialist has to be my most anticipated flavor. Last November, included with my Cadman-Beau brush shipment was a surprise sneak peak at this unique fragrance. From there began my personal campaign---also known as nagging---to get Specialist stateside.

This is an intoxicating fragrance to say the least. The remnant of my sample resides on my dresser, and I take a hit a least a couple times per week. The documented notes are vanilla, vetiver, malt whiskey, hops, barley, and tobacco leaf. I know, I said unique, but that line-up isn't particularly foreign to the wet shaving artisan world, yet the sum of the parts is something I have never had in my den. One might expect this to be a rather boozy accord, and there wouldn't be a thing wrong with that, but it doesn't entirely invest in that direction. Specialist certainly opens with a sweet vanilla cognac that's immediately reigned in by a deep smoky musk and earth. The barley and hops are distinctly present, but instead of imparting beer, they lean into the vetiver resulting in a more vegetation and grain iteration. Meanwhile, the musky vanilla and cognac crescendo to something akin to patchouli, but with a modicum of sophistication. Patchouli isn't a documented note, but I can't deny it's influence. As beautiful as this opening and mid are, I probably enjoy the dry down the most. The vanilla becomes more malty and creamy and continues its dance with the smoky vegetation and toasted grain, but this moderates and allows the rich fresh green tobacco to drift in.

Specialist is brazen, but it's not offensive. That said, it probably lends more to a casual or date night fragrance as opposed to stifling professional occasions.


Sold and Shipped By: Remembering Matt (120inna55)

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