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St. James Eau de Parfum

  • St. James Eau de Parfum
  • St. James Eau de Parfum
  • St. James Eau de Parfum

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St. James Eau de Parfum


Product Details:

Product Description
St. James Gate in medieval times was the Western most entrance to the City of Dublin, Ireland, where it stood until 1734. Since that time, the surrounding area has kept the name St. James Gate, despite the actual “gate” having been gone long ago.

The area surrounding St. James Gate has been home to popular breweries since the 17th century. To this day, the area is home to one of the most famous breweries in the world (look it up!)… and which is currently held on a 9000 year lease signed in 1759.

This release by Murphy and McNeil is a departure from our normal line of shaving soaps. Released specifically for St. Patrick’s Day 2019, this base (or similar) may see a recurrence during this special holiday each year.

Another Saint, Saint Patrick, is known as the Patron Saint of Ireland, who famously used the clover to represent the connection between the pagan rooted ‘Trinity,” with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in his efforts to bring Christianity to Ireland. Again, we see the fascinating thread of these symbols like the Trinity, Triskele, Clover/Shamrock, etc… throughout Irish history.

The fragrance on St. James is a delicious oatmeal stout. Please see below for more important information.

Important: Air Delivery & International Guests

Alcohol based products cannot ship via air delivery.  Sorry, we cannot ship this product outside the U.S.A.  Orders within the U.S. with air delivery selected will be downgraded to ground.

Scent Profile:

  • Slainte: St. James is a gourmand fragrance with that smells very much like it could be eaten. We don’t recommend it.
  • Scent Strength: Medium to Strong
  • Top: Oatmeal, Orange,
  • Heart: Almond, Butterscotch
  • Base: Vanilla


        • Denatured Alcohol, Fragrance
        • Available in:
          • 59 mL / 2.0 fl oz or
          • 15mL / 0.5 fl oz


          Brand & Info:
        • Murphy and McNeil

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