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Star Noir Soap and Lotion - by Phoenix & Beau (Pre-Owned)

Sale price$29.99 USD


Seller: Remembering Matt (120inna55)
Condition: Used
Remaining: 80% or More

This item is from the collection of Matt Hilton (120inna55).  You can read more about Matt in the "About the Seller" section of this page. 

Please consider a small donation to Matt's family if purchasing direct from M&M.
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Scent Profile (by Matt when available):
Star Noir is Phoenix and Beau's nod to David Bowie's signature 1990s fragrance, Minotaure from house Paloma Picasso. Never having experienced Minotaure, I can't speak to the accuracy, but it's my understanding this is more of an homage as opposed to an outright dupe. Additionally, in my limited research, I discovered that while Minotaure is still in production, it's suffered from reformulation from the original 1992 Cosmair distribution. I really do wish I knew which one Star Noir points to, because given how much I enjoy this Star Noir fragrance, I would definitely pick up the EdT, vintage or otherwise.

Star Noir opens with a bold vegetal musk of green crushed herbs with subtle bitter citrus peering through. As the first pass begins to wrap up, a rich and warm resin, woody lavender, and amber takes hold. During the final lather, Star Noir gets even more complex with the contrast of peculiar aldehydes against heavy woody florals.

The Post Shave Lotion unfolds similarly, but the heart unveils a more distinct ylang ylang and modest amount of patchouli folded into the persistent resinous crushed herbs and woods. The dry down imparts what begins as an understated powdery base but actually gains steam to become what feels like a second wind of an altogether different fragrance stepping into a more traditional barbershop realm. I simply must get my hands on the splash because I feel like it would last longer. As it is, the balm is detectable for close to 4 hours.


Sold and Shipped By: Remembering Matt (120inna55)

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