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The Cursed Cowboy Solid Cologne

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Seller: Outlaw
Condition: New

This seductive and sweet yet devilishly spicy, clove and campfire solid cologne is something special.

In the dusky realms where shadows dance with firelight, there strides a figure cloaked in the mystique of legends untold. The Cursed Cowboy, a spectral presence forged in the infernal depths of hardship, emerges as an embodiment of resilience.

His essence, captured in the form of Solid Cologne, speaks to souls who've braved their own hells. It's a testament to enduring spirit, where each note of clove intertwines with whispers of campfire, crafting a scent that's as enigmatic as it is bold.

It’s a narrative in olfactory form, a story of survival and defiance, where the smoky tendrils of perseverance merge with the spicy embrace of clove. This cologne, like its wearer, is unyielding in its presence, a constant reminder of the mantra: "If you’re going through Hell, KEEP GOING."

Solid Cologne, much like the Cursed Cowboy himself, is an unorthodox path to personal expression.

Crafted for the wanderer, the outlaw, the survivor, it's a discreet companion on life's rugged trails. Unlike its liquid brethren, this solid form offers a more controlled, intimate application, a subtle nod to those who carry their stories close to their chest.

Benefits of Solid Cologne

Its benefits are as numerous as the tales of those who wear it: easy to carry, no risk of spillage, and a longevity that rivals the enduring spirit of its namesake.

How to Apply Solid Cologne

To apply, simply swipe a finger across the balm and touch it to the pulse points - a ritual as timeless as the cowboy's journey. It's a tactile connection to a world where character is king, and presence is felt, not just seen.

And there it lies, 0.5 oz of pure, potent storytelling in a twist-top tin, cradled in a black velvet bag that speaks of nights under starless skies.

No box can contain the spirit of the Cursed Cowboy, just as no container can hold the essence of a life fully lived. Smolder bolder, with Clove & Campfire, and carry with you the legend of the Survivor’s Saint.

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All our scents are skin-safe and long-lasting. Because we feel like scent is a personal thing to be shared between you and those literally closest to you, these are subtle scents. They will not overpower a crowded elevator or make you "that guy with all the cologne." They're designed to create an impression, not an impact.

Directions: Swirl your finger along the surface and warm the cologne up a little, rub on your pulse points (wrists, neck).

Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Rosemary Seed Extract, and Fragrance Oil

.05 oz of solid cologne goodness.


Sold and Shipped By: Outlaw

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