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The Gambler Whiskey Beard Oil & Hair Elixir

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Seller: Outlaw
Condition: New

Sit down, shuffle up, and deal me in with this elixir that is truly a miracle oil...

  • This quick-absorbing oil of jojoba smells of good bourbon, old-fashioned tobacco, and a hint of leather.
  • You'll look refined as hell. This soothes even the wildest bird nest of scraggly beard while smelling absolutely divine.
  • Can be used as beard oil, but also makes a great hair oil for both women and men. It is the pinnacle of grooming products for both genders (pinnacle-ness not guaranteed.)
  • Handcrafted, with love and laughter, in small batches with high-quality ingredients for maximum amazingness by the fine folks at Outlaw Soaps, a tiny little soap company in the Silver State, Nevada, by people who love their jobs.
  • Suitable gift for outlaws AND in-laws.

You might pour yourself a tumbler of good bourbon. With every sip, you feel yourself slipping deeper into smoky, rich reflection.

And yet, your head is still clear as ever. Cunning and resourceful, you’re quite familiar with wheelin’ and dealin’ to get exactly what you want. And what you want is to smell down-to-the-bone authentic — exuding the rugged scents of bourbon, tobacco, and leather — unlike the others in the room who are sweatin’ bullets from your undeniable charm. No need to take your chances here — it’s the secret trick to smelling sharp that you’ll never give away.

    To say it is a "beard oil" is vastly under-selling its charms. It can be used on any hairs. Yes, it will delightfully smooth and condition even the crinkliest beards... but why does it have to stop there?

    My hair is a matted disaster from years of bleaching and coloring. This jojoba and hempseed oil-based elixir soothes and smooths my angry, frizzy mess.

    The Gambler Beard & Hair Elixir is the luckiest beard and hair elixir around*. With our bold but sweet scent of fine tobacco, smooth bourbon, and subtle leather, your life is about to start coming up sevens!

    *Not a legally binding contract if you lose your shirt at the craps table, however, if you win the lottery we hope you see fit to sending some of that our way!

    3 oz of handmade oily goodness.


    Sold and Shipped By: Outlaw

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