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The Magician Extrait

Size: 2ml
Sale price$7.95 USD


Seller: Zingari Man
Condition: New

Introducing “The Magician”. From stage to street corner, a magician marvels through presentation, appearance, and attention to detail. All of which, were taken into careful consideration when concocting this scent. For our first act, The Magician invokes the fresh green scent of Ivy. Imagine our backdrop, strown from ceiling to stage floor. Nothing but the robust evergreen leaves attached to ancient stone cliff faces, reaching for the sky. What story, what history hides behind cliff faces, hidden behind lush and green ivy? For The Magician’s second act, we will tantalize the mind and trick the senses. Wait as the magician’s fingers dance a choreography, the likes of card tricks and disappearances, will have you on the edge of your seat trying to figure it all out. Try as you may, you’ll not have time to focus on any one thing, for sleight of hand is The Magician’s specialty, and thus requires the complexity and smoothness that only the scent of Orange Blossoms provide. For the magician’s third act, we will harken back to a time before fancy suits and top hats. A time of cloaks and staves, walking in enchanted forests, A time when we were less jester and more druid. The most enchanting magic of all is the magic that wisdom can provide. The wisdom of mages past can be felt in Oakmoss's woody and earthy tones. So go forth magicians one and all! Entice, surprise, and bring this waft of wisdom wherever you go! But most of all remember, a Magician never reveals their secrets.

Orange Blossom, Ivy, Oakmoss

Top: Ivy, Petigrain, Mandarin

Middle: Orange Blossom, Rosewood

Base: Cedar, Oakmoss, Vetiver

50ml glass frosted bottle with pump sprayer


Sold and Shipped By: Zingari Man

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