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Vert Noir - Aftershave Splash

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A bracing aftershave splash with just a touch of menthol that is perfect for all occasions.

Vert Noir is a green scent that is great for those looking for a scent with plenty of fresh plant notes that aren't overly floral - it's designed especially for those seeking a scent that encapsulates the freshness and vigor of the natural world.

Vert Noir, translating to "Black Green," embraces the deep, refreshing allure of plant life, offering a distinct olfactory journey that is neither overly floral nor too earthy. It's a sophisticated balance of pure freshness, reminiscent of a morning stroll through a lush garden after a cleansing rain.

This unique scent experience begins with the lively and slightly citrusy notes of Sea Buckthorn and Bergamot Essential Oils. Their vibrant aroma is an instant invigorator, awakening the senses and setting the tone for the layers to come.

Following this lively introduction, the rich and grounding Cypress Leaf Essential Oil takes center stage. Its green, slightly woody scent reflects the vitality of the forest, offering a soothing and balancing touch to the composition.

Subtle whispers of Frankincense Essential Oil thread through the fragrance, adding an element of mystique with its sweet, warm, and spicy undertones. This age-old ingredient lends a layer of depth and complexity to Vert Noir, echoing the quiet strength and resilience of nature.

Towards the dry down, Vert Noir reveals its heart - a delicate fusion of Violet Leaf Absolute and Jasmine Absolute. The Violet Leaf Absolute offers a green, leafy note, slightly reminiscent of cucumber, while the Jasmine Absolute graces the scent with its subtle floral nuance, adding a touch of softness and femininity to balance the greenery.

Vert Noir is a tribute to the freshness and vibrancy of the natural world. Each note has been meticulously chosen to create a 'green' fragrance that avoids the overtly floral, instead embracing the diverse aromas of nature in its most authentic form. Step into the garden of Vert Noir, and let its fresh plant notes rejuvenate your senses with every shave.

100ml bottle.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Juice, Essential Oils and Natural Fragrances (Sea Buckthorn Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Organic Cypress Leaf Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Violet Leaf Absolute, Jasmine Absolute), Calendula, Sodium Lactate, Menthol, Vitamin B5 Pro, Astaxanthin


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