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Vintage Ever-Ready 200 22mm Shave Brush

Sale price$103.89 USD


Seller: Talent Soap Factory
Condition: Used

Vintage Ever-Ready 200 22mm Shave Brush

handle has been carefully de-knotted, cleaned and fitted with a new 22mm synthetic knot

super clean example of Ever-Ready 200 series. maybe some faint signs of use, but i can't really find any flaws to speak of. very nice brush to hold. medium in size and would be at home bowl or scuttle lathering. nice little synthetic knot too, pretty good backbone. its a shorter knot with a 50mm loft, would make a good scrubber.

total height 104mm
handle 54mm
loft 50mm
knot 22mm


Sold and Shipped By: Talent Soap Factory

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