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Vintage KENT W21 22mm Shave Brush

Sale price$98.23 USD


Seller: Talent Soap Factory
Condition: Used

Vintage KENT W21 22mm Shave Brush

handle has been carefully de-knotted, cleaned and fitted with a new 22mm synthetic knot

very cool old British shave brush. some age related wear, but super clean overall condition. includes original box with tissue and model tag. brush is a lightweight thermoplastic from the 1950s (patent date Nov. 23, 1952). i set a wonderful synthetic at 50mm for good scrubbing action. the knot is becoming one of my favorites, soft tips with substantial backbone. it is reddish brown with snow white tips. immaculate branding and made in England on the bottom with a patent number

total height 100mm
handle 50mm
loft 50mm
knot 22mm


Sold and Shipped By: Talent Soap Factory

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