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Wicked Grind Beard Balm 2oz.

Sale price$18.00 USD


Seller: Furry Hippie Beard Company
Condition: New

Keep the mellow vibes of your favorite peppermint mocha with Wicked Grind.

Balm will have a stronger hold to help keep those unruly hairs in place.


Shea Butter - Local Beeswax - Mango Butter - Hemp Seed Butter - Jojoba Oil - Argan Oil - Sweet Almond Oil - Pumpkin Seed Oil - Fragrance.


Scoop your desired amount onto fingertip. Spread between palms and fingers for best distribution into your beard. Make sure to massage from root to tip. Comb and blow dry on a cool setting if needed.


Sold and Shipped By: Furry Hippie Beard Company

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