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Thank you for your interest in our release of Barbershop De Los Muertos 3, and Gael Laoch Orange.  We are offering this release in collaboration with Xicano Design, John Perry, and SmilezforMilez!
For any other questions not covered here, please email [email protected]!


 Release Date & Availability

  • Sunday, December 12th at 9am Central
  • IMPORTANT NOTE ON QUANTITIES:  Murphy and McNeil has a "No FOMO Policy".  We don't intend to ever use "Fear of Missing Out" marketing as a way to drive sales.  That said, as a small business it's often impossible for us to know what demand will be for any given product.  We can also be subject to the same supply chain issues other businesses are seeing.  To that end, we expect that BDLM and Gael Laoch COULD very-well sell out of our initial drop.  We promise this, we will make more, and most of our products make it to our "permanent" rotation. This means if you want to hold back and see the review... please fear not.  The only thing we can never guarantee is when.  Currently we are having issues our supplies of packaging and the particular fragrance materials we use making this initial drop smaller than we usually like to support, and the next drop for BDLM/Gael will not be until we have more of these in-hand.  This release had been pushed from early November until now for these same issues!

Where to Get It:


  • Barbershop de Los Muertos 3
  • Scent Strength: Medium
  • Scent Profile:  
    • Classified as a woody aromatic, this fragrance is bold, green, woody and boozy at once.
    • Top: Mint, Rhubarb Leaf, Rum
    • Mid: Geranium
    • Base: Patchouli, Cedar, Vetiver
    • Note:  Some may recognize this fragrance as an homage to "Homme Intense"
  • Gael Laoch Orange
  • Scent Strength: Medium
  • Scent Profile:  
    • Aromatic and citrusy with undertones of wood and spice.  This is the fresher cousin of the traditional Gael Laoch.
    • Top: Lemon, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Mandarin
    • Mid: Lavender, Geranium, Nutmeg, Rosemary, Sage
    • Base: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Patchouli, Cedar, Vetiver
    • Note:  Some may recognize this fragrance as an homage to "Viking Cologne"


Please visit the individual product listings to learn more about the ingredients we use.  You can view the BDLM collection HERE:

What is the Cause?
  • A portion of ALL sales at Murphy and McNeil are now donated to various causes.  These causes can rotate from time-to-time.
  • Currently the causes your purchases contribute to are:
    • Autism Research Project
    • Concerns of Police Survivors
    • Wounded Warrior Project
    • St. Jude Children's Hospital
    • When We All Vote
  • Donations are automatically split between these causes, however YOU can choose how to allocate the donations from your purchase by clicking the below link while you are shopping our products

  • View more information about our charitable contributions HERE


A Word from the Guys:

  • @johp3r, John Perry, & @xicano_design, Rafa in collaboration with Bill Graham of Murphy and McNeil present to you Barbershop De Los Muertos 3.

    This is the culmination of a few years of work and fun for us.  And although this could very well be the final BDLM, it refuses to go quietly.

    For those that follow John and Rafa you've seen the work, love for life, and love for this shaving hobby. It's a mutual respect from two guys who are similar yet so different.  The original Barbershop De Los Muertos was a small release, yet very well received and had many people wishing they got in on it.  Last year we presented Barbershop de Los Muertos 2, which was also incredibly well received.  We also at that time used the opportunity to work together to bring BDLM 1 back to life in Murphy and McNeil’s Kodiak and AON soap bases.  The response was phenomenal, and we can’t thank this community enough for their support.

    Now, it's time for the three-peat.  Barbershop De Los Muertos 3 is here.

    Featuring more amazing artwork by Rafa of Xicano.  This scent features for the first time a female protagonist on our label.  As always with Rafa, she’s a beautiful addition to the BDLM family.

    Thanks sincerely from all of us.  We really appreciate this ride, and we hope you love BDLM3.


How does it work & what products will be available? 
  • The products are already up for preview now, so you can review and decide if they are right for you.  Just visit our site.
  • On release day, we will have 
    • Special Edition Sets (see more below)
    • Shaving Soaps (in Kodiak)
    • Splashes
    • Eau de Parfum
    • Solid Cologne
    • Post-Shave Balm
    • Bar Soaps (Limited Quantities)
    • VIP Shipping Pitch-In (see more below)
  • Special Edition Set Info:
    • Special editions are limited, and these will no be returning once sold out. 
    • Offering pre-packaged sets is a way for us to speed-up shipping dramatically and also do something special that we feel can carry the entire spirit of a release the way it's supposed to be experienced!
    • Mortal Coil Edition Box Set ($359):  This is the biggy.  It includes
      • 1 of 7 unique BDLM shaving brush & shaving scoop sombo with Murphy and McNeil coin by SmilezforMilez
      • 4oz Jars of BDLM 3 and Gael Laoch Orange in Kodiak
      • Matching Splashes (Alcohol Regular - but buyer can choose from other options by emailing us before shipping.)
      • Matching EDP in our larger 2.0oz Size
      • 2X clear brush travel holders 
      • Travel EDP atomizer with decanting supplies to take your frag on the go!


  • Early Grave Edition Box Set includes ($99.99)
    • This is a limited pre-packaged set with a small discount applied that will be the FIRST to ship.
    • Both Shaving Soaps
    • Both Splashes (Alcohol Regular)
    • Murphy and McNeil Coin 
  • Regular Soap/Splash Bundles (52.98)
    • These will be a drop down option available when you view/purchase the regular shaving soap.
    • These are pre-packaged boxes in limited quantities and will be the first to ship.
    • Both Shaving Soaps
    • Both Splashes (some quantities in both alcohol regular and non)
    • Murphy and McNeil Coin 


  • Can I get it early?  Our preview edition has already been shipped to friends and family.  If you want to get in early on our next release, please see about our "Shipping Coin VIP" we'll be offering with this release.
  • If you sell out, will more be available?  Yes.  We will do our best to get it back ASAP, but due to some supply chain issues we can't unfortunately guarantee.
  • I am not in USA, can I get alcohol splashes/EDP?  No.  In these cases we'll need to automatically convert you to alcohol free versions.  
  • I am from <insert> country, do you ship to me?  Yes, we ship to MOST countries unless it's prohibitively expensive.  If you are one of those countries, our site should restrict you from buying.  If it doesn't, we'll need to cancel the order and notify you.   IMPORTANT:  We are not a registered vendor for our EU customers.  With new EU import and VAT policies this year, it is very likely you will incur extra fees when the product lands in your country.  We are not responsible for local tax/vat etc you might be responsible for and cannot refund orders due to this reason.
  • What does shipping cost?  
    • Murphy and McNeil offers 100% free U.S. shipping with no minimums.  International shipping is $10 for any order over $50 USD.  (Calculated rates apply to international orders below $50)
    • Our vendor/retail partners will follow their own policies.  For international customers, Murphy and McNeil offers a calculated rate based on the weight/size of your package and the service level chosen.
  • NEW for BDLM3:  Murphy and McNeil "VIP Shipping Coin"  
  • As you can imagine... although we offer free shipping to ALL U.S. customers regardless of price.  That cost does NOT come free to us. For this release, we will be testing a new product called our "VIP SHIPPING COIN". 
    • This will be a product available with BDLM3, that if you by it as a way to show your support and "pitch in" to these costs, we will send you one of our Murphy and McNeil Coins (the same as in our brushes) and you will be added to our VIP Friends and Family for our next release.  You will receive early notifications for our next upcoming product, AND THE OPTION TO BUY IT EARLY.  We'll post this item soon and you can learn more!

More Info & Feedback So Far (More will be added as they come in!)

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