All About Pisgah!
Thank you for your interest in our release of Pisgah, a Shaving Soap collaboration between Murphy and McNeil, Black Mountain Shaving, Rafa of Xicano Design, and Tommi of TonmiKo Shaving Brushes.  Please read on for more information and FAQ.
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Release Date:

  • Saturday, May 1 2021 at 8AM Central

Where to Get It:

  • Online: Murphy and McNeil
  • Visit the Pisgah Collection HERE
  • IMPORTANT RE: Purchase Limits & Discounts: 
    • We expect there to be great demand for this product, and by Nature KODIAK supply is limited.  Due to this, we want to take care of as many folks as possible.  We will be limiting purchase to no more than TWO of soap per person for the initial launch.  Orders above this amount risk being cancelled.
    • Also - PISGAH in Kodiak is not eligible for any discounts.  If any of our evergreen discounts/coupon codes are used on on an order it risks cancellation.
What is it!?
  • Pisgah is a collaboration release and a follow-up to Nantahala.  It will be available both as limited "Appalachian Trail Magic" box sets, sets of soap and splash, or standalone components.  Note that due to limited supply of our KODIAK base, this set will release in both our Kodiak and AON Bases.  It will be a member of our regular lineup in our AON base go-forward.
  • Pisgah features more incredible artwork by the one-and-only Rafa of @xicano_design.



  • Scent Strength: Medium
  • Top: Bergamot, Bigarade, Cardamom, Incense
  • Middle: Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Orris, Peony, Plum Blossom, Tobacco
  • Base:  Vetiver, Cedarwood, Amber, Patchouli, Vanilla, Gaiac Wood, Leather, Iso E Super
  • Note: The scent blend developed for Pisgah is rustic and artful. It allows you to feel the wood of cabins and their creaking floorboards under your feet, while luxurious enough to feel at home at the Vanderbilts' Biltmore Estate. Notes of spices and herbs serve to ground and comfort. Sacred tobacco and a touch of incense protect and encourage you to continue climbing until you reach the summit. Lastly, ever so slight notes of citrus await like the sun on your face that await at the top.

How does it work?  (SOAP and SETS)?

  • This release will be available in both our AON and Kodiak bases for initial launch.  In general you will save a few dollars if you choose AON.
  • Once live, the product will have a number of options.
    • Soap
    • Soap/Splash Set
    • Appalachian Trail Magic Box Set:
      • This box set is limited to 7 sets
      • Each set contains the following:
        • Pisgah Kodiak Shaving Soap (4.0oz)
        • Pisgah Regular Alcohol Aftershave Splash (100ml)
        • Pisgah Eau de Parfum (2.0oz)
        • 5ml Gold Portable/Travel EDP Atomizer with decanting funnel
        • Extra Pisgah Stickers (top and side)
        • Travel Shaving Brush Tube
        • And the star of the show, a beautiful red-veined Limited Edition TonmiKo Pisgah 26mm Shaving Brush (bulb or fan SHD) created reclaimed red wine barrels and featuring the Murphy and McNeil handle coin.  
    • This release will also feature the RETURN of Gael Laoch with the original artwork by Xicano Design.  Further, Gael Laoch WHITE (formerly a mentholated edition of Gael) will now feature our FROST synthetic cooling. FROST helps the soap stay much more true to the original scent (Viking) and the cooling effect will make Gael Laoch White perfect for the upcoming summer!

    • For International Customers who cannot receive alcohol-based products via delivery (such as international) will AUTOMATICALLY receive alcohol free versions of the set.  NOTE however that these will be made-to-order and it could delay delivery by a few days.  I
      • Balms will be available sold separately.
      • EDP will be available and sold separately


        • Where can I read more about this release?  Preview products and pages are visible already at Murphy and McNeil's website.  Please visit there to learn more or to sign up to be notified when the product releases (limited slots available for notification.)
        • If you sell out, will more be available?  Due to our difficulty sourcing some of the ingredients for KODIAK, we cannot guarantee that more will be available in the event of a sell-out.  That said, we do work hard to try to have enough to last but it's always tough to predict demand.   Our AON release will become a regular lineup item post-launch.
        • What does shipping cost?  
          • Murphy and McNeil offers 100% free U.S. shipping with no minimums.  International shipping is $10 for any order over $50 USD.  (Calculated rates apply to international orders below $50) 
          • It's very important to remember we cannot ship alcohol-based products overseas.  We will automatically convert alcohol based versions to our non-alcohol based in these cases.

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