All About Garda Síochána

Thank you for your interest in Murphy and McNeil's release of Garda Siochana, a Ruds Shaving Soap for a Cause. 

Please read on for more information followed by FAQ and a video from Ruds below!

For any other questions not covered here, please email!

 Release Date:

What is it!?
  • Garda Siochana is a special edition shaving soap set and collaboration by  Ruds of Ruds Shaves with Murphy and McNeil.  Ruds was interested in a collaboration effort that would support a cause close to his heart, and Murphy and McNeil was extremely lucky to be selected by him to create this important product.

What is the Cause?

  • A portion of all sales from this release will go to benefit that Officer Ronald Tarantino Jr Charitable Fund.
  • Please visit the fund here: Officer Ronald Tarantino Jr. Charitable Fund for more info or to make a contribution.
  • A note from Ruds:

    "Police and first responders are some of the most courageous people in this world. They are trained and called upon to run towards the danger, when many of us would be running the other way (to safety). They routinely put the safety of others, order, and peace above themselves, their families and sometimes their own beliefs. Having family in law enforcement and other first responder professions, and having close friends in the same fields, I am always in awe of the acts of bravery and selflessness I am witness to. I did not know Officer Ronald Tarentino, Jr. personally, but I am close to people who did. His tragedy hit home for so many, myself included. I can think of no better way to honor this hero and all of the people that run towards the danger, than by showing my support and asking others from our hobby to do so with me. I thank you all for your consideration and I thank Murphy & McNeil for their work on this collaboration and charitable donation."
How is the product?
  • We at Murphy and McNeil feel extremely lucky to have gotten the positive response from the wet shaving community so far.  We absolutely don't take it for granted.
  • This set will use Murphy and McNeil's duck/tallow formula that to-date has been reserved for limited edition or "eisteacht" soaps meant to support charitable efforts.  
  • Please visit to see some early reviews for Garda Siochana, or read up on some of our other products and mission.  One example to review would be our "Eisteacht: Claddagh" soap which uses the same base as Garda Siochana.
  • All products related to this launch have been posted at our website for preview purposes.  Inventory will be added to these items on launch day/time.
How does it work?  (SOAP and SETS)?
  • This set is a special edition/limited drop.  Whether or not the fragrance will be used by Murphy and McNeil in the future is TBD.
  • Once live, the product will be sold as standalone soap, or in one of various options we will have for sets. 
    • There will be 5 sets available.
      • Soap Only: $19.99
      • Soap and Aftershave: $44.99
      • Soap and Balm: $39.99
      • Soap, Aftershave, and Balm: $59.99
      • Soap, Aftershave, Balm, and Eau de Parfum: $99.99
        • Note: The Eau De Parfum bundle also comes with a raffle ticket towards the "Thin Blue Line" special edition shaving brush. (Ticket value $5)
        • The EDP bundle is limited to 20 units.
  • Every set has a certain number of units, and no substitutions will be possible.  This is to ensure a good/fast shipping experience from our small shop.
  • Menthol Aftershave:  While Murphy and McNeil typically offers many options with Menthol/Alcohol in AS, given the size of this release we will not be able to pre-mix menthol into your aftershave on request.  If you would like a 0.5g or 1.0g of powered menthol you can mix yourself, please contact Murphy and McNeil when you order and we will be able to accommodate this for a small fee.
  • Limited "alcohol free" aftershaves are available.  International customers ordering AS will automatically be converted to receive the alcohol free version.

How does it work?  (Thin Blue Line Shaving Brushes)?

  • A limited supply of "Thin Blue Line" shaving brushes have been hand crafted by Matt Darrington of Teton Shaves to support this release.
  • These brushes can be acquired in 1 of 2 ways.
    • Option 1 - Direct Purchase:  We will have some brushes with tuxedo knots available for purchase for $59.99 with a portion of the proceeds going to support the Charitable Fund.  While supplies last.
    • Option 2 - Raffle Entry:  There will be 40 raffle tickets available to have a chance to win the one-of-a-kind Thin Blue Line brush with the 25mm badger synth knot.  There are two ways to acquire the tickets.
      • EDP Bundle:  Anyone purchasing the Garda Siochana EDP bundle for $99.99 automatically receives 1 (one) entry into the raffle for 1 of 20 available spots.
      • Raffle Ticket Purchase:  20 (twenty) raffle tickets will be available to purchase from the Murphy and McNeil website on launch day.  These tickets are $5 each and there is a limit of 20 tickets.
  • Maximum odds of winning are 1 in 40 assuming all EDP bundles and all Raffle tickets sell!  The drawing will be 1 week from launch on 5-18-19 and a winner announced then.


  • Where can I read about the soap and brushes?  The Garda Siochana soap sets and the Teton Shaves "Thin Blue Live" brushes are visible already at Murphy and McNeil's website.  Please visit there to learn more or to sign up to be notified when the product releases (limited slots available for notification.)
  • If you sell out, will more be available?  If all available bundles and soaps sell out same-day, Murphy and McNeil may open a very limited "preorder" window on another batch of soap.  These will be made-to-order and will ship within 3-5 weeks.  We like to avoid 'fear of missing out' as being a main reason to purchase our products, and will work hard to meet the demand.  The hardest part of meeting demand is predicting it properly, but we'll do our best!
  • What does shipping cost?  Murphy and McNeil offers 100% free U.S. shipping with no minimums.  Our vendor/retail partners will follow their own policies.  For international customers, Murphy and McNeil offers a calculated rate based on the weight/size of your package and the service level chosen.

More Info:

A video message and announcement from Ruds of Ruds Shaves

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