Murphy and McNeil

Cliffs of Moher Shaving Soap

  • Cliffs of Moher Shaving Soap
  • Cliffs of Moher Shaving Soap
  • Cliffs of Moher Shaving Soap
  • Cliffs of Moher Shaving Soap
  • Cliffs of Moher Shaving Soap
  • Cliffs of Moher Shaving Soap
  • Cliffs of Moher Shaving Soap

Murphy and McNeil

Cliffs of Moher Shaving Soap



Rising a maximum of 214 meters (700 feet) above the ocean, the Cliffs of Moher are an incredible natural formation located on the Southwestern edge of County Clare in Ireland.  In the middle, a round stone structure built in 1835 stands sentry over the grounds.  It is among the most visited attractions in Ireland.  Some will also recognize the cliffs as "The Cliffs of Insanity" from the film 'The Princess Bride," or as the location of a Horcrux Cave in a certain wizarding story.

This Shaving Soap by Murphy and McNeil is composed of a mix of high quality oils and ingredients that create a dense, creamy lather for an excellent shave. 

Scent Profile:

  • Standing on the cliffs with the wind at your back, this fragrance should remind of being between the green earth and fresh cold ocean.
  • Scent Strength: Medium
  • Top - Calone and Fresh Lavender
  • Middle - Greenery and Spice
  • Base - Vetiver, Musk, and light notes of Wood 


  • Base: Aon (Firm)
  • Stearic Acid, Water, Beef Tallow, Duck Fat, Potassium Hydroxide, Kokum Butter, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut Milk, Kaolin Clay, Lanolin, Tocopheral, Fragrance, Tussah Silk
  • 5.5oz


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Doc H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Wonderful fougere/aqua blend that really does bring back memories of 5he coast of County Clare, with the superb performance of these soaps I've come to expect from M&M. The AS is a perfect complement - alcohol, no menthol - and lingers just enough. Well done!

United States United States
I recommend this product
Good lather

This is the first time to use the product and it produces a good slick lather. The scent is ok -- not really what I was expecting but still good.

Brandon S.
United States United States
Cliffs of Incredible scent

Aon base is amazing I’ve left two other reviews about how great it is for Orobouros and Ogham Stone. Now the scent on this one is just about believable as to how it would smell being close to cliffs. Aquatic and airy and breezy. I freaking love it.

aaron w.
United States United States
First Experience

This was the first Murphy & MCneil soap I have tried, and what an experience. I've read nothing but good reviews, so my expectations were high. Well, I was not disappointed. This soap is fantastic. The scent profile is right on the mark, with wet stone and earth mixed with sea winds and lush greenery. As for the lather, the soap started lathering within a few swirls of the brush, and once I started actually lathering in my bowl, it just exploded from the brush; not much additional water was needed, I would not call this a thirsty soap. 10/10 on lather ease and slickness. Post shave feel is among the top soaps I've experienced. I would put the post shave feel slightly above Barrister and Mann or Zingari Man, and on par with Declaration Grooming. Exceptional first experience. Great job guys!

United States United States
Cliffs of Moher

Excellent! This soap base continues to surprise. Easy to load and lather, but once you have the water/soap ratio right its phenomenal! Very slick, protective, and has great post shave moisturizing properties. Cliffs of Moher has a very "green" scent to me. Reminiscent of fresh cut grass. Great summertime scent.