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Naid Shaving Soap

  • Naid Shaving Soap
  • Naid Shaving Soap
  • Naid Shaving Soap
  • Naid Shaving Soap
  • Naid Shaving Soap
  • Naid Shaving Soap

Murphy and McNeil

Naid Shaving Soap


We are listening.

In 2018 the CDC estimates that 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  As a spectrum, individuals diagnosed with ASD can have a range of difficulties, from hypersensitivity to sounds or smell that can make life in public challenging, to self-injuring behavior or seizures.

Autism typically appears within the first three years of life, and early diagnosis and intervention through therapy such as ABA (applied behavioral analysis) are one of the most proven ways to help prepare children and their families for life with Autism.  Not a cure, but specialized learning to improve communication, development, coping, and social interactions.

As a parent, one of the greatest challenges is access to care.  Often the most effective therapies are expensive, with limited coverage by insurance.  There is no harder scenario as a parent than to know resources exist to help your child's quality of life but to not be able to afford them.

This soap was the first of our line dedicated to supporting families with Autism.  Naid, meaning zero, represents the start of our journey.  Now, every purchase on Murphy and McNeil shaving products supports ACT, and please look to our newest Eisteacht products for ways to lend the greatest support possible to this meaningful cause, while scoring some excellent shaves in the process.


Scent Profile

  • Scent Strength: Light to Medium
  • Freesia and Apricot


  • Soap Base:  Tallow
  • Tallow Beef, Stearic Acid, Water, Coconut Milk, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Castor Oil, Lanolin, Vegetable Glycerine, Kaolin Clay, Tussah Silk
  • 5.5oz
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I recommend this product

The smell of beauty

I recently ordered an alum stick from here, and to my surprise I also received a sample of this lovely, deliciously, beautiful shave soap. It was quick to form a lather and get stiff peaks in no time flat, with just a soaked brush after two shakes. The soap stayed slick enough to get through three passes. The scent was very delicious I couldn't quite place it, but it reminded me of standing in an open field just beyond the tree line, as the wind carries the fragrant aroma of flowers and fruit trees blooming. Very lovely scent Freesia and apricot. These folks know how to make one feel welcome. The personalized letter was the icing on the cake for me, I will definitely be using their store more often.

Ian Howard
I recommend this product

Could be the best

This soap could be the best lather producer I have ever met n- and I have tried a lot of Premium soaps

United States

bright and fresh

I love this soap. Lathers up beautifully, with a light and fresh scent. One of my new favorites!


Great soap, great cause

Not sure how I can across this newcomer to the wetshaving world, but very happy I did. The skin feel of this soap base I’d say is unrivalled; silky smooth on the face and not a hint of tingle or irritation during or after. Lather explodes pretty much right away and it quickly gets to the desired consistency, silvery sheen and slickness, allowing the razor to glide across friction free. If anything, cushioning could be upped just a notch. Scent reminds me most of all of a fabric softener called apple and pear blossom — not my favourite, but scent is subjective (and variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?)

Christopher T.
United States

Welcome surprise

What a terrific scent, followed by outstanding performance. Easy to load for a very creamy and slick lather. Looking forward to adding more M&M offerings to my den. Love the labels too. Thanks for the great work.

Christopher T. verified customer review of Naid Shaving Soap