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Solitary Series 04: Calamity Bubblegum (One of One Limited Edition) - by Murphy and McNeil

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Seller: Murphy and McNeil Store
Condition: New


With a top-secret recipe passed down through generations of gumologists aided by a dash of radioactivity, our bubblegum has undergone extensive taste tests in the most extreme of fallout conditions. Whether you're dodging radioactive mutants or just need a pick-me-up after doomsday, Calamity Bubbles will provide you with legendary flavor that outlasts Armageddon itself (and your teeth!). Grab yourself a pack, because when the world ends, the flavor begins.

This set includes a heavy pour (5.5oz) shaving soap, alcohol based splash, and 0.5oz Eau de Parfum.

What is ONO: The Solitary Series

ONO, or our One of One Solitary Series are new/singular products by Murphy and McNeil.  As a way to stretch our creativity and create something that if you purchase, these will be truly/exclusively yours and none other.  These sets of Soap, Splash, (and EDP when available) will be the only time we'll offer these scents. 

As the buyer, you own the theme.  We would only consider a re-release at your request.

View the Solitary Series History HERE

Scent Profile:

  • Bubblegum that survives the apocalypse. 


  • Shaving Soap:  Kodiak
  • Ingredients: Water, Stearic Acid, Duck Fat, Tallow Beef Potassium Hydroxide, Tallow Bear, Castor Oil Kokum Butter, Goat Milk, Sodium Hydroxide Shea Butter, Lanolin, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance Kaolin Clay, Tocopheral, Tussah Silk
    • 5.5oz
  • Alcohol Splash:
  • Ingredients: Alcohol Denat - Isopropyl Myristate - Willow Bark Extract - Witch Hazel- Aloe - Vegetable Glycerin - Green Tea Extract - Silver Dihydrogen Citrate - Citric Acid - Fragrance - Menthol or Koolada-23 (Optional) - Polysorbate 20 - Glucam P-20
    • 3.4oz
  • Eau de Parfum:
  • Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, Fragrance
    • 0.5oz


Sold and Shipped By: Murphy and McNeil Store

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